What Are Lacrosse Sticks Made Of

There are a few elements that make a lacrosse stick and each of these is composed of a variation of different materials. To properly understand which materials are used, a quick briefing of where they go could come in handy, as well as the function of each of these parts, would best help put in context the different materials used to make a lacrosse stick.

The Shaft

The shaft of a lacrosse stick is a good place to start off. By far the longest part of the stick, extending from where a player has a grip on it to the head piece, the quality of material used for this single piece decides the overall value of a lacrosse stick.

Not only does it decide how comfortable the stick is for a player, but having a shaft that is too fragile, or even too heavy, could completely disrupt the entire stick and render it useless. Having a shaft that is rigid and light is a combination favored by most practitioners of the sport, but that all depends on the material used to make the shaft.

  • Composite mixtures that provide the desired balance between different features are the more common forms of shafts found. Different elements are used to produce difference results, but the overall objective is to have strong, light, and easy to grip shafts. One example of such a composite is aluminum allow, which is both strong and light, and great for beginners.
  • Titanium, though perhaps not the most common element, is also used to make shafts for lacrosse sticks. It is strong, a little stronger than most composites, and light, though not as light as some composites. It is great for the more athletic and experienced arms looking for something that will last them the long mile.
  • Scandium is a tough material for tough players. If a lacrosse player’s game is sheer, brute strength, then finding sticks with shafts made from scandium would be their number one pick.
  • The least popular materials used to make crosse shafts are made from wood. It is worthy to note that there are different types of wood used, some being strong and light, making them comparable to the composite mixtures mentioned above. There are some other types of wood, such as bamboo, that are to most impractically heavy given how fragile they are. But where there seems to be a downside, there is also an advantage, and in the case of the bamboo shaft that comes in its flexibility, which can be strategically advantageous.

The Head

At the heart of the game, allowing for all the movement that makes lacrosse possible, is the head of the crosse. Designed to catch and release the rubber ball, which makes the game what it is, there are two or three different very different materials that are put together to make a singular piece. This piece also has to add to the combination of sturdiness and lightweight expected from the shaft.

  • The scoop of a crosse is used to, well, scoop up balls as the name implies. There are two different shapes, flat shapes and U shapes, each with strategic advantages in picking up the ball. Scoops are traditionally made of a rigid sort of plastic. This means that it is as rigid and flexible as it needs to be.
  • The sidewall is an extension of the scoop, being the second rigid part of the head, and it is also typically made of plastic.
  • Finally, allowing for the ball to be captured within the confines of the sidewall is the pocket, made of mesh. This is usually made of leather as it is more durable. There are also a few strings that form part of the mesh, and these can be made from cotton, or polyester, and nylon.

Evidently, quite a bit goes into making a lacrosse stick. There is a great variation in materials used to make shafts, each variation catering to anything from your standard lacrosse playing needs to specific purposes used strategically.

The variations of headpieces are not as great as shafts, but given that there may be two or three different materials needed to make a single piece, that is understandable. What is clear is that all these different materials can together to make a single piece that helps make lacrosse the great game it is.

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