Things To Consider When Choosing A Lacrosse Stick

For an ardent lacrosse player, choosing the right stick can be as important as choosing the right life partner. The lacrosse stick is an integral part of the game and it can directly impact a player’s overall performance. Choosing a stick that perfectly suits your style will boost your confidence in the field each time you lace up you cleats!

A stick can thus make or break your game! If your choice of stick goes wrong, it can stop you from using your potential to the maximum. You will stay a mediocre player with the wrong stick.

As your success highly depends on the choice of stick, it makes sense that you choose one wisely.  It is important that you find out which brands offer lacrosse sticks and the different options available. In this article we will discuss about the 5 important things to consider when choosing a lacrosse stick.

Position as a player:

Although every lacrosse player uses a similar looking stick, its credibility greatly varies depending on the player’s position. Your position in the field will influence the length and weight of the stick you use. The attackers for example will use a lighter stick that allows easy movement around the field.

The goalies and defenders will need a long and heavy stick. This aids in providing more strength to the players to block attackers from the other team, and prevent the players from advancing their positions on the field.

Materials used:

The lacrosse shafts can be made from a variety of materials. The entry level players often choose lacrosse handles that are made from aluminum alloy. Although aluminum alloy does not provide the same level of strength to the lacrosse handles, it does offer high level of variability, making it easier for new players to use.

Titanium is a widely used metal for making lacrosse shafts. The metal is stronger than aluminum, yet light in weight. Lacrosse shafts made from titanium are suitable for both beginners and advanced players.

The sticks made from composite carbon fibers are highly durable and they work fine with both attackers and defenders. Sticks made from composite carbon fibers are also suitable for intermediate and advanced players.

Some of the most popular sticks are made from a particular scandium alloy as it helps in achieving the perfect weight. It also increases the durability of the stick. Most of the professional lacrosse players around the world use sticks made from scandium alloy for better performance.

Length of the shaft:

The acceptable standard length of the shaft is decided by the NCAA. The current approved range for men’s stick is between 40 and 72 inches. For women, the length of the shaft can be anywhere between 35.5 inches and 43.25 inches.

The women’s lacrosse sticks are different from men’s as the former have a slightly smaller diameter. This is to ensure a good grip of the shaft. The length of the shaft may vary depending upon your position and role in the team.

If you play as an attacker then you would need a stick that falls at the lower end of the approved range. Similarly, if you are a defender or goalie then you would need a stick that falls at the higher end of the accepted range.

Although these factors play a crucial role in choosing the correct lacrosse stick, it is also important to consider the comfort level.

Remember that you can play a good game only when you are so comfortable with your stick that it feels like an extension of your arm!

Lacrosse heads:

Now that you know what to look for in a shaft, let’s get to the second part of the stick which is the head. When choosing a lacrosse stick head, again your position in the field and role in the team will play an important part.

The lacrosse heads are built with slight variations for defenders, attackers, and goalies. The standard types of heads available in the market are either made from mesh or traditional nylon lacing.

Goalies prefer heads made from mesh as it offers lessened rebound. Attackers on the other hand will prefer the ones with nylon lacing.

If you are beginner then we would suggest that you practice with different types of heads to determine which one works best for you.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional lacrosse player, choosing the perfect combination of lacrosse head and shaft will pave your path for success! This is essential in order to gain control over the ball and enhance your overall performance.

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