STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power Review

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with plastic handle and one ball – well, the name itself pretty much says it all! This product by FiddleSTX is a fun starter pack that contains two miniature sticks with plastic handles and a soft lacrosse ball. It is basically designed for beginners, particularly kids who want a starter pack to get a feel of the game.

The STX FiddleSTX mini pack promises a lot of fun, action and adventure! It works well for both indoor and outdoor play. Each pack comes with two mini lacrosse sticks, 30 inches in length and a soft orange ball.

The net is pretty secure, although a little stiff for the first timers. However, that is not a big issue because you are after all playing for fun!

At the time of review, the price STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini was just $19.99 plus $5.39 shipping. The reasonable price of the product makes it a good buy for young and enthusiastic players.

They are perfect if you are looking for sticks you can play with at the park or beach. The light weight of the stick makes it easier for children to use them.

However, if you are looking for a beginner’s stick to learn the game on a serious note then this might not be the right choice as the plastic handle makes them non-durable.

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power stick is a fun lacrosse mini stick game you can but for 5 year olds or even less. Upon reviewing the product, we don’t think it is suitable for 8 year olds and above. Those who are playing high school level need a better quality stick that is durable and helps them deliver a good performance.


  • It is a fun lacrosse mini stick game
  • The pack contains two mini sticks, 30 inches long
  • It also comes with a soft orange ball
  • It features a rugged plastic head and shaft
  • The shaft is light weight
  • The starter set is perfect for a beach or backyard game
  • The FiddleSTX starter set is safe to use for kids
  • It is a fun game for players of different ages and skill levels


The product contains two super power sticks that have light handles made from good quality plastic. Although the shafts are hollow from inside, they do not bend easily. Hence, it is great for kids to play and mess around with. It helps them get introduced to them game in a fun and enjoyable way!

These mini sticks can be used for playing an indoor or outdoor game in a beach or park. They are so lightweight that you can easily carry them in your picnic bag and enjoy several hours of outdoor fun!

The nets used in the head are pretty secure so they do not come out easily even after several use. So, even if your toddler handles them roughly, you need not worry much!

The size of the lacrosse sticks is just perfect for kids, so this makes for a great starter set. It is a nice gift for your little son or daughter who watches their elder siblings play and really wants to belong to the game!

The soft ball is also safe to use for toddlers. It is not too hard, but has sufficient weight to enable a good game. We really like the quality of ball, although a few extra balls instead of just one would be great.

The products comes at a reasonable price which makes it a good buy for children who will eventually outgrow these sticks and need better quality ones when they start taking the game seriously.

It is a no-brainer solution for parents who are lacrosse enthusiasts and want to help them kids develop an interest for the game from a young age.


As the nets are slightly stiff, young kids will have a hard time trying to catch the ball with it.

The product ships with just one ball which may not be enough if you are playing with toddlers. Most customers said that they would prefer 2-3 balls.

The handle is made of plastic which helps in keeping it light but it also gives the product a non-durable feel.


STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Poweris a great starter pack for toddlers to get introduced to the game. It is not designed for high school level players and definitely not for professionals.

Although the sticks have plastic handles that give them a non-durable feel and just one ball that might not be enough, one cannot complain at this price!

You can get this fun product for your kids to enjoy a good outdoor game. It scores well when viewed a fun starter set!

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