How to Improve Lacrosse Stick Skills

Lacrosse is not only a sport of athleticism, though quite a bit of that is needed if you ever hope to any good at it, but it also requires a fair amount of skill. All the skills required in lacrosse come with handling the stick.

Though the ball is what is used to win a game, that isn’t made possible without the stick, or crosse, which acts as an extension of the body, allowing you to properly participate in the game.

With the right knowledge of how to improve your lacrosse stick skills, your game as an attackman, midfielder, or defenseman can be greatly improved. Let’s have a look how in three comprehensible steps:

Step 1

Starting off with how an attackman can improve his or her skills, we find that skills revolving around moving the ball about at a quicker speed to be more relevant. This involves a lot of passing and a lot of catching, which can be quite technical demanding if you are not prepared for it.

Familiarizing yourself with your stick can be a great start with regards to improving that area, along with all other stick skills, due to the very slight but substantial differences in length and weight.

Once this is done, practicing catch-and-release for an hour at least per day should get you to where you want to be on that front, assuming you are really serious about the sport.

Doing some extra shoulder, arm, and wrist exercises would also be recommended whenever you are not handling the stick. Other than that, making sure you can move fast enough with a steady arm would be the obvious skill to have that does not directly involve using the crosse.

Step 2

Next are skills midfielders would find more useful, though I must emphasize that this only refers to what are essential to each of these three positions, as all skills can be used at any position of the field.

Catching the ball, then keeping it in place while you move about, is essential for any midfielder. This skill, better known as grappling, cannot be underestimated as midfielder’s look to turn their team’s defensive play into an attacking one.

You can practice grappling on your own with but a stick and a ball by having it bounce off a surface, catching it, then through a predetermined course you have set for yourself, move quickly while keeping the ball in place, only releasing it when you have done a fair bit of running around and turning from side to side.

Awareness skills also help in determining your success as a midfielder, so once again, some good advice not directly involving your stick would be to improve awareness of surroundings.

Step 3

Lastly, but not of the least significance, are skills deployed when defending. These involve quite a bit of maneuvering with sticks that can range greatly in length, so mastering this most vital extension of a lacrosse player’s body is essential in ensuring his or her success.

This requires practices coordination skills as well as knowing how far off to extend ones stick and all the mechanisms needed to intercept and scoop up balls. Knowing how wide the head of the stick is also crucial as it will allow players to make better calculations when picking up the ball.

All this is best learned with practice, practice, and even more practice. Finally, clearing the ball is usually what progresses the game forward, so ensuring you have a good swing will get the team a long way, and this can be improved by swinging drills.

Practicing scooping and reaching out to intercept can be done in a number of ways, such as bouncing the ball against the wall, but training with a partner or two would be best.

After analyzing all the necessary skills needed to improve one’s use of their lacrosse stick, it becomes pretty clear that practice is key and an aspiring lacrosse player would want to get as much practice done as possible.

Coordination and movement of all the joints on the arm prove to be most of what is covered, as well as working out muscles that in everyday situations would remain dormant.

All this would futile, however, movement and self-awareness are null, so if you want to see results with your usage of the crosse, making sure you get the rest of what is needed in your knowledge base can only help.

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