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Quality products, usually, aren’t the cheapest products you will find on the market. This is true for a number of things, as can easily be tested by five minutes of looking back at how much quality buys have cost, and lacrosse sticks are no exception to this rule.

While it may be true that quality bargains can be found, with a sport as potentially as rough as lacrosse, you want assurances your money is well spent. There can be nothing more frustrating at having to constantly replace your gear because of poor quality, especially given the fact that some gear takes some time to adjust to.

Lacrosse sticks fall heavily under the category of items you want to make a proper investment in due to how many adaptions an owner might need to make when purchasing one. Factors such as length, weight, and just generally how it feels vary from lacrosse stick to lacrosse stick, so constantly having to change one is just simply cumbersome.

For the sake of comfort, all financial aspects aside, buying something you can settle with on the long run is a bargain in and of itself. When looking at the price range for lacrosse sticks, it is important not to lower the standards of what you are looking for, and then go on from there to find the lowest price for what you need, or the highest, for whatever peculiar reason.

Standard price ranges

So, on the assumption that you have a particular standard you want to keep to when looking at lacrosse stick price ranges, you will still find a large gap in prices from the highest to the lowest. The reason for that is, again, because lacrosse sticks vary in both their make and their use.

Some sticks have features that serve some players better than others, contributing to a pretty large gap. An example of this is the standard light weight aluminum sticks that can be used by any player across the field and those may cost anywhere from $50 to $200.

At the same time, you have a stick made with features that a goalkeeper might prefer, such as a wider face, and these cost from $100 to $150. Being a little specific about exactly what kind of stick you want might help you narrow down the price range of a product with a range worth hundreds of dollars.

Getting Around Prices

The good thing about lacrosse sticks is that they are compromised of two main pieces; the shaft and the stick, and these can be used to the advantage of a buyer looking for a bargain without wanting to compromise on quality.

Most lacrosse stick manufacturers sell these pieces separately, and if you know your business, you can set up a piece of your own. In fact, the head itself is compromised of a rigid piece and a pocket made out of thread which can all be bought separately.

This handy trick often works were some products either do not excel in the shaft or headpiece and replacing either one with a product of higher quality can save a buyer having to buy an entire piece.

This is not only economical, it is also practical, as having a good shaft or headpiece lying around while you order another entire stick is simply wasteful. Prices for each piece can be as low as $50 to $100.

Alternate Lacrosse Sticks

So far we have been looking at lacrosse sticks used by professionals or players on a mature level, but there are also the kids to consider, and the price range for sticks for these is to be expected to be considerably lower, averaging just under $100.

There are also alternative versions of the game, such as water lacrosse, and a complete set for this variation of the sport can cost $20 or less. Mini sticks are also a thing and cost about the same as the water stick sets.


The price range for lacrosse sticks can seem pretty ludicrous if you don’t know exactly want you want. There are certain certainties that are needed when shopping for a stick and that begins by knowing what sort of quality stick you want and what would specifically serve you better.

Once that is settled, you should find a great variety of sticks to choose from, and it is all fun and games from there on.

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