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The Waboba FiddleSTX Set: Water Lacrosse Fun!

I’ve always been one of the biggest fans of sports. Sports bring people together and  has always been so important to my family. Ever since I was little, I was playing sports all year round.I played hockey, basketball, soccer, football, and most importantly lacrosse. Lacrosse is a sport that often goes unnoticed. It takes a […]

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Review of the Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick

Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick with its advanced head and shaft combination claims to take your game to the next level. How true are these claims? Let’s find out! The stick is definitely made to play serious games. It is not meant for fun or light hearted games.  Evo head has been re-tooled for Junior […]

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STX Crux 300 Complete Stick [WOMENS]

STX Crux 300 Complete Stick has the brand name to its advantage. The company has been developing sports equipments for over half a century, so the name says it all. STX Crux 300 Complete Stick is one of their women’s lacrosse stick range. The elite head of the stick is one-of-a-kind. The head is designed […]

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Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick

Brine’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick is one of top selling lacrosse sticks for women, so our team went on a mission to find out what makes it a complete stick. The company describes it as a beginner’s stick. Anyone who wants to learn the game with an easier curve may opt for it. The design […]

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STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power Review

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with plastic handle and one ball – well, the name itself pretty much says it all! This product by FiddleSTX is a fun starter pack that contains two miniature sticks with plastic handles and a soft lacrosse ball. It is basically designed for beginners, particularly kids who want […]

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STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Review

Buying a lacrosse stick is not as easy as it seems. There are several factors you need to consider before buying one because different players need different sticks. If you are looking for a reputed brand then STX lacrosse line stands tall. They have been in the industry for nearly 50 years to know what […]

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