Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick

Brine’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick is one of top selling lacrosse sticks for women, so our team went on a mission to find out what makes it a complete stick.

The company describes it as a beginner’s stick. Anyone who wants to learn the game with an easier curve may opt for it. The design of the shaft and head makes it a perfect stick to practice the beginning skills such as catching, throwing and shooting the ball.

Brine’s Dynasty comes with a wide face that offers a large surface area. This makes it easier for beginners to catch the ball with confidence.

The head of the stick has increased pocket depth which helps entry level players to hold the ball with ease while the defending team player charges in the field. The sidewall bars offer enhanced stiffness in areas, which is essential for ground ball pick-ups.

The shaft is made from 6000 Series Aluminum and it comes with a colored handle which gives a cool look to the stick.

The head of the stick is about 12.5 inches and the shaft is 30 inches, so the total length of the stick comes to 42.5 inches. It is perfect for most high school girls with average height.

If you are buying for your daughter who is below fifth grade, it might seem a little big for her. However, with practice she will get used to it and the stick won’t look awkward in her hands.

We cannot help admiring the delicate appearance of the stick, although it is made to last for tough games. The stylish appearance of the stick scores some extra points for the product.

At the time of review, the price for Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick was just $39.99. It is a little expensive than other beginner sticks out there.


  • The stick is designed for beginners
  • It can also be used by first and second year players
  • It is easier to retain, catch and shoot the ball with this stick
  • The head has an increased pocket depth to enable ball retention
  • The wide face with increased surface area makes it easier to catch the ball
  • The sidewall bars lend stiffness to the head making it easier to scoop on ground balls
  • The stick comes with a complete colored A6000 handle
  • It is made from 6000 Series Aluminum
  • The total length of the stick (head and shaft) is 42.5″ inches
  • The stick is available in three exciting colors – neon blue, neon pink, and neon green


Brine’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick is so easy to use and has such an attractive appearance that women just love it.

The criss-cross design on the center runners is comparatively better than the straight across designs. It lends that extra hold to boost the confidence level of new players.

The head of the stick is designed in a way to make it easy for entry level players to throw, catch and shoot the ball. So, this is a good stick to learn the fundamentals of the game.

It is the perfectly sized stick for the high school girls. It is sturdy and durable, which makes it a good choice for practice games.

Although slightly on the heavier side, the stylish appearance and long lasting performance justifies the price. After all, no one shies away from paying for a quality product!


The stick is slightly on the heavier side and if you are a midfield player then it might strain your arms. However, this might vary from player to player.

The factory made strings might break after a few sessions. For better results we would recommend that you get the pocket re-strung by a stringing specialist at any lacrosse equipment store.

Some customers who bought the product complained that it started showing signs of wear and tear after a few practice sessions. In some cases, it broke after a few months. So, if you are looking for a highly durable stick then this might not be the ideal choice.


Overall, we liked the product and found it useful for beginners. It works perfect for middle and high school level girls. The cool colors, stylish appearance and thoughtful design makes it a good choice if you a looking for a gift for your daughter or younger sister.

The improved design gives durability to the product, and helps beginners use it to master the various basic skills of the game.

Although slightly expensive than other women’s lacrosse sticks available in the market, we feel that the product is worth every penny!

When you want a lacrosse stick that will help you practice with confidence, and give you that extra boost when you are on the field then Brine’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick is just what you might be looking for!

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